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Offering a Wide Range of Chemicals Such as Copper Carbonate, Cyclohexlyamine Hydrochloride, Di Methylamine Hydrochloride and Industrial Chemicals, Isopropyl Titanate Monomer which are Used in the Industries of Photography, Pharmaceuticals, Dyes, etc. 


Avenex Chemical Technologies LLP is a provider of high performance chemistries since its inception in 2005.

The Company is a Joint Venture between Venus Technochem Pvt. Ltd. and Esprix Technologies, Florida, USA.

Avenex Chemical Technologies LLP caters to a wide range of Industrial Chemicals, which include:

  • Pharmaceutical Intermediates and Fine Chemicals
  • Specialty Materials for Imaging Systems (including Toner Chemistries)
  • Advanced Chemistries for Sophisticated Electronic Applications
  • Specialized Chemistry for Textile Applications
  • Oil Field Chemicals
  • Flux systems for Automotive Heat Exchangers


Apart from our Joint Venture Partnership in the USA, Avenex Chemical Technologies LLP also has overseas Collaborations in Japan & China. Given our worldwide network, we have increased efficiencies in supply chain logistics as well as access to those markets both for supplier and market development.

  • Esprix Technologies (Sarasota), Florida, USA
  • Xeves Corporation (Tokyo), Japan
  • Meridian International (Shanghai), China